At TRDP Happy world, we aspire to create a better, healthier & happier world through our products.

Our products and teamwork have made TRDP Happy world a brand synonymous with world class quality and a delightful eating experience.

Today, we are proud to be the name behind the happiness of over a million customers across countries.

Founded in 1949, TRDP group today is amongst the leading tobacco manufacturers and exporters of India.

The group commenced as a small  business house for Hukkah type tobacco and gradually expanded into a full fledged smokeless tobacco industry.

With an array of world class food products. TRDP Happy World has already made its mark and has become a brand with faith amongst the Food Sector in India.



Instant Noodles

Cake Rusk


Modern Machinery

Automated Process

Latest technology

Untouched by hands


Mario Suji Toast - 425g

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Mario Suji Toast - 300g

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Mario Suji Toast - 150g

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Mario Diet Rusk - 250g

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Mario Masala Noodles

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